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A few questions answered about ordering the signed books.

1. What does “put your inscription here” mean?
It means, quite literally, to whom would you like me to inscribe the book, to dedicate the book to? So if you’d like me to sign a copy to a “Maria” or a “Nicole” or a “Sandy” or a “Chris” or a “Tracie”, that’s what you write. If you would like me just to sign my name without a dedication, you leave it blank or you write “no inscription.” If you would like me to say something occasion-specific like “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas,” then put that down, along with the desired name. Or something book specific like “Ask yourself these three questions, and you will know who you are,” then write in that. To the best of my ability I’ll try to accommodate.

If the “inscription field” is left blank, then I will just sign the book. I will not write in any name except my own. If this is not okay, then please write a note for me in the “inscription” text box.

Can we ship the books internationally or just to U.S.?
We can ship the books anywhere. The U.S. is of course the cheapest option, and oddly, the United Kingdom is the most expensive, can’t figure that one out, but there it is. But if you’d like a copy, we can ship wherever you are in the world.

Why can we only order four of your books?
Soon we’ll expand and offer all my other titles for sale. We’ll even have some special deals on older editions, including hardcovers and one-off versions. For now we’re starting simply.

How long will the books take to arrive?
In the U.S. about a week after receiving your order. But abroad, the vagaries of International snail mail being what they are, I would guess that if you don’t order in the next day or two you probably won’t get it in time for Christmas. There’s always Epiphany on Jan 6. Or International Women’s Day on March 8.